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Amelia Island Bridal Shoot

My friend, Holly, was kind enough to don her wedding dress after 8 blissful years of marriage. I am stepping into the wedding photography realm and needed a model who would allow me to show off the artisic and dramatic style of wedding portraits I love and am capable of. She chose a quiet, grassy spot at the front of her neighborhood. The trees and wooded backdrop were a perfect setting for her to glide around as I captured the perfect images to showcase here for you. It was freezing outside and even started to mist as we packed it up and headed back after a short 15 minute photo shoot. Such an amazing friend is hard to find. Thank you, Holly, for giving me the opportunity to work on my craft!

Check back in a week for memories captured at my first Amelia Island Elopement shoot and again in mid-March for my first full wedding shoot.

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