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Bridal Portrait Downtown Amelia Island

When I asked Rachel if she would like to do a bridal shoot to help me build my wedding portfolio, she jumped at the chance. I would be shooting her wedding in a week and it was the perfect time to get a few glamour shots without the time-tables and stress involved in every brides' big day. She looked so radiant. Even with a more casual look, having done her own hair and make-up, you can see how beautiful and excited she was to be getting married in one short week. We tried several different locations. The first was The Palace- one of the oldest bars in country, still a local favorite! Next we made our way down to the docks, stopping along the train tracks, which still serves working trains on the island. Finally, we finished on the docks during sunset- the timing worked out perfectly! Thank you, Rachel, for being such a beautiful and sweet model!

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