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Axetell Maternity Portrait

What an adorable family! Ktimene and Mike already have the sweetest little boy, and were expecting a baby girl addition. Ktimene's sister wanted to surprise her with a maternity shoot as a gift while she waited for her little one to arrive. Ironically, I had already met Ktimene when she assisted in setting a page for my company on the Amelia Island website! (How many "Ktimene's" do you know?) When I met with Ktimene the day of the shoot, she explained she had done some traditional, artsy maternity pictures when she was pregnant with her son, so this time she wanted this portrait to capture her family as it existed now, before the new baby arrived. I told her that sounded perfect and we worked together from there. We had originally planned to shoot at Drummond Point Park, but it was only a week away from the due date and she felt most comfortable in her own home. We worked through the house, choosing to photograph her family in the spots they spent their special moments during the day. Their son was, of course, the primary focus; however, I managed to get them separated from him for a quick minute for a few "couple" shots! We finished with a few pictures of Ktimene alone with her future daughter- the lighting was just perfect to create a softly lit "Expectant Mommy" portrait. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Axetell's, and I wish them the best of luck with their new baby girl!

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