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4th of July Fun!

I'm sure everyone had a spectacular 4th of July this year! Mine was spent a bit differently than my usual day at the beach. Since moving to Amelia Island, I have come to love the quiet, non-crowded version of a beach day. My kids can run wild and I can still watch them, unobstructed, sitting perched on my beach chair, sipping my Pellegrino while shielded from the Florida sun by my little 8 foot umbrella . . . That is not a reality during the July 4th week on Amelia Island. It turns into the super-crowded, music-filled, uber-fun partying atmosphere all beaches morph into during this wonderful holiday. So, in my family, we abstain from the beach and wait it out...a week later the summer crowds will still be here, but for a beach destination, Amelia Island is as quiet as they come.

So how did I spend my July 4th? Photographing everyone's fun! I had the best time capturing all of the love between family members. Whether it was a wedding in Saint Simons, grandparents getting to see all of the grandchildren together, three families coming together across the entire continent for the first time in years, or a family of four creating some lasting memories on their yearly Amelia vacation, it was such blast. Here are some of my favorites from the week.

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