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Baby Aveline- An Amelia Island Newborn

Baby Aveline came on her exact due date- amazing, right?? I think we can all agree her name is unique and just beautiful. Well, it turns out she is every bit as beautiful as her name and she cooperated perfectly during her first of many photo shoots! It took us over 3 hours to get the sweet, want-to-squish-those-cheeks shots you see here, about normal it seem, for a newborn shoot. I still have not made it back to visit, to just enjoy this sweet little one, yet! Her big sister was clearly in love with her new sibling, but also a bit timid touching and holding her. She told me we needed to be very careful with the new baby- good job, Charlotte! That is absolutely correct. I cannot stress enough the importance of safety when photographing newborns. They are very easy to manipulate, so we want to make sure we do it in a way that keeps them comfortable. "Well how am I supposed to get the baby dangling from a hanging blanket with no one to be seen look," you ask? There are a ton of helpful websites on newborn shoot safety out there, but this is my favorite at the moment. It stresses safety, but also shows you some tricks to get some amazing shots. If you're lucky, all of your clients will be like Aveline and her mom- they wanted simple, no fuss photos. I did not need to employ any special techniques, but safety was still important. Keep the parent close by with a hand steadying, or able to right away. Remember, if you are not sure if it is safe, it isn't. Don't forget to check out the FULL GALLERY!

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