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Amelia Island Boudoir

I have wanted to get into boudoir for quite some time, and did a little back before I had my professional equipment. They were great amateur portraits, but nothing like these. I was presented with the opportunity to photography the daughter of a family friend of ours for a basic portrait- she is the gorgeous blonde in the photos, so she was doing me a favor, haha. When I met a local hair and make-up artist, Andrea Wallace, we collaborated on the idea of doing a boudoir shoot, since my model was bringing two other beautiful models with her to the shoot. With great hesitancy I asked her parents if they would be open to the idea of a less risqué boudoir shoot. Well, they were (phew!) and it became what you see in these photos here. The girls were so excited to be pampered with make-up, hair and glamour shots for free that they were very bold and adventurous with their poses and outfits. I brought a lot of different props and lingerie, and they contributed with some ideas of their own. Some of my favorites are the pictures with the crystal and leaf headbands I bought last minute at never know where you will find the best photography accessories! We all had so much fun during the shoot. One of my models was even so awesome as to get in the water for me...just gorgeous pictures; as it turns out, her mother was a true model when she was younger! Thank you so much, girls, for such an AMAZINGLY fun and adventurous shoot!!!

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